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How do I prevent injury when training for a running race?

The race calendar is approaching & we thought we’d share our top tips for preventing running injury as you increase your training…

  1. Strength training -we mean lifting weights in exercises like calf raises, squats and deadlifts- twice per week will improve your running economy and can reduce injury risk by up to 50%!
  2. If you’re suffering with a niggle, get in touch with a physio who can help you on the road to recovery to ensure you can get the most out of your training while dealing with the injury.
  3. It’s better to turn up to a race under-prepared on mileage & in good condition than really well trained but injured, you can always rely on a bit of race day adrenaline to pull you through those last few miles.
  4. It’s a good idea to include a plateau week every month where you don’t increase your weekly training load, which allows your body to adapt & recover a little.
  5. Don’t run too hard on your easy runs- as a rough rule of thumb do 80% of your runs around 20% of your maximal effort.
  6. Be realistic in training goals- big jumps in training load often lead to injury. So if you’ve never run before then make your first goal a 5k and allow time to build gradually towards the marathon.
  7. Remember that you don’t get stronger when you are running- you get stronger when you’re recovering so give as much effort to active recovery as you give to training. You might choose to get a sports massage, stretch, take a sea dip, hot bath, easy yoga, meditate, sauna… whatever works for you!!
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