Fiona at Commonwealth Games

Our superstar physio, Fiona Robertson had an awesome week supporting the Jersey athletes as a team physio at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham!

Fiona said, “She loved every minute of the trip, from spectating an amazing array of sports to riding in the team car for the cycling road race, lots of amazing performances on show, Team Jersey rose to the occasion and did the island proud!”

Check out all the news from games on the Commonwealth Games Jersey’s website:

*Thanks to Dave Ferguson Photography


Wimbledon week – exercises for Tennis players

The final week of Wimbledon and we’re still inspired by the amazing athleticism on show!🤩🎾

Watch here, Fiona’s videos and try 5 rounds of the exercises listed below for a quick but effective lower body regime that will work on the strength needed to get round the tennis court without injury 💪🏼⬇

🎾Copenhagens level 2: 5 repetitions on each side

🎾Overhead hurdle walkovers: 30 secs

🎾Diagonal walking lunges: 10 lunges

🎾Wall knee drives: 30 secs

🎾Rebounding calf raises off step: 10 repetitions

Fiona at the Jersey Muratti

Following on from Paul at the Muratti in Guernsey, Fiona was incredibly lucky to support the ladies’ football team for the Jersey Football Association first ladies Muratti in 6 years! ⚽🦸‍♀️

There were excellent results for both the women’s and the men’s teams at the Muratti but particularly for the ladies! Fiona was thrilled to be part of the team for the day!

How do I prevent injury when training for a running race?

The race calendar is approaching & we thought we’d share our top tips for preventing running injury as you increase your training…

  1. Strength training -we mean lifting weights in exercises like calf raises, squats and deadlifts- twice per week will improve your running economy and can reduce injury risk by up to 50%!
  2. If you’re suffering with a niggle, get in touch with a physio who can help you on the road to recovery to ensure you can get the most out of your training while dealing with the injury.
  3. It’s better to turn up to a race under-prepared on mileage & in good condition than really well trained but injured, you can always rely on a bit of race day adrenaline to pull you through those last few miles.
  4. It’s a good idea to include a plateau week every month where you don’t increase your weekly training load, which allows your body to adapt & recover a little.
  5. Don’t run too hard on your easy runs- as a rough rule of thumb do 80% of your runs around 20% of your maximal effort.
  6. Be realistic in training goals- big jumps in training load often lead to injury. So if you’ve never run before then make your first goal a 5k and allow time to build gradually towards the marathon.
  7. Remember that you don’t get stronger when you are running- you get stronger when you’re recovering so give as much effort to active recovery as you give to training. You might choose to get a sports massage, stretch, take a sea dip, hot bath, easy yoga, meditate, sauna… whatever works for you!!

Under 21’s football team Muratti in Guernsey

Paul jetted off with the U21’s football team in April to play in the Muratti on our neighboring island Guernsey. It was an epic day with a great win of 2-1! Well done to the lads at the Jersey Football Association – see them celebrating in this video!

An evening with Alex and the Menopause Forum

This April, Alex joined Trudi Roscouet and Dr. Rebecca Harling, the awesome and inspiring women behind The Menopause Forum.

The topic of Alex’s discussion was ” I wish I had known about this earlier….!” This is what 99% of women in their 50s and 60s and younger say to Alex when she sees them. Pelvic Health is particularly challenging because it’s so taboo. Did you know that it takes women on average 10 years to visit their GP for any pelvic health problems such as urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse?

Alex gave an insightful talk with her expansive knowledge on such issues along with a pinch of humor that made the evening comfortable talking about these embarrassing and personal topics!

Read more about this on Alex’s blog – click here

Paul’s trip to Europe with the U.S Ski Team

Paul travelled to Germany, Slovenia & France with the U.S Ski & Snowboard team! It had been a long time for Paul to be able to return with the team since the pandemic, so he was super thrilled to be on the road again with them! Here’s what he said about the trip – “It was a fantastic time away with U.S team again. Always great to experience time on the road with elite sport and a group of athletes I’ve known for so long”




Fiona at the Paralympics in Norway

Fiona at the beginning of 2022, headed to Lillehammer in Norway, to help support the New Zealand Paralympic athletes’ take on the World Para Snow Sports Championships!

She had an amazing time and since returning she’s reflected on how influential the experience was for her main 3 reflections from the trip were…….

💭 Keep challenging yourself to optimise performance, it was motivating to see people with reduced muscle control working so hard to maximise the function of each muscle fibre and neuron

💭 With a bit of creativity and a strong network anyone can partake and even excel in sport. Excited to see this in action when the Healing Waves-Ocean Therapy Jersey adaptive surf center is up and running

💭 If you fall down, dust the snow off and get back on it!! The resilience and robustness of these athletes to keep achieving in the face of challenges are unforgettable!


Physio Team Trinity Countryside Clean – Eco Active update!

Physio Team Trinity Countryside Clean!😊
Part of our ongoing efforts to be an Eco Active member is to have rubbish collecting clean-up missions, last time down at the beach, this time we chose a countryside parish.

Heading into the parish of Trinity, we kitted ourselves out, prepared for what we thought was becoming a regular theme for our walks to pick wet and windy days, but to our surprise turned out to be a calm lovely afternoon!🌞

Trinity, was far from full of rubbish in the lanes and initially felt our efforts may be pointless, however closer inspection we soon started filling bags of all sorts including a pair of glasses, golf ball, and a tie!

After a couple of hours of spotting different mushroom varieties,
who knew there are so many on our island!🍄, we stopped at Bouley Bay, guess which members of the team went for a dip?…..Yes the brave ones, Alex & Fiona! Well done ladies👏🏽👙

We were pleased with our efforts and have fun whilst doing it! It just shows you it’s worth a small effort and we feel proud as a team for making Trinity and our island a little more cleaner!🌍