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Stronger at Home #7: Home Working Pit-stops

With some time yet before we’re all heading back into the office we wanted to write this piece about the importance of work breaks, or what we are calling hourly ‘pits stops’. Yes, just like Formula 1!

We’re all getting used to our working from home strategies, you’ve made a plan [here] with goals in it, how are you getting on with them? While it can be difficult to see the bigger picture and keep on track when uncertainty still remains, what we can control is what we do in our day! 

It’s important to make a plan for your day– all you need to do is decide when & which breaks to take. Experts suggest one to two short breaks every hour to improve well-being, mood and energy levels– (UK Public Health) (WHOBeddhu et al, 2015)

My plan includes a mixture of exercises I know I will benefit from immediately– by getting my heart rate up or changing position and working towards my isolation goal of nailing handstands! 

Here’s my example of today’s break plan, it is on the side of my laptop screen to serve as a visual reminder… 


Here are some ideas of how to fit movement into your day 

1- Start the day with a short yoga sequence 

2- Set a reminder alarm every hour to stand up and choose an option from our selector! This study showed that setting a reminder makes you much more likely to take a break (Cooley & Pedersen, 2014) 

3 Take a proper lunch break
Prepare fresh lunch and spend an hour away from the screen, catch up with your family or housemate 

4 Walk around on phone calls
Walking increases metabolic rate, alertness and increases creativity! [Oppezzo & Schwartz, 2014] As a bonus it gives you a screen break 

5- Mid-afternoon have a posture break
This is often when we feel we are stiffening up- take ten minutes and work through these exercises [Fiona’s back stretches video] 

6- Doing a repetitive task that doesn’t require concentration?
Pop some catchy music on and have a dance in your chair at the same time! 


I hope this blog has given you some inspiration on how to incorporate movement into your day which will ultimately lead to helping you get #StrongerAtHome  


Disappointed there is no mention of KitKats in our take a break blog? Despite extensive ‘research’ I couldn’t find an answer as to how many burpees equal one KitKat in calories… But we have learned that if you get up and walk for 2 minutes this can help offset things.  But… for healthy ‘break food’ please check in with our good friends at True Food for nutritional ideas. 

Once again thanks for reading team!

Today’s Blog Post written by:

Fiona Robertson BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, MCSP




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