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Stronger at Home #3: Your Home workout Kit


kit1 [ kit ]
a set or collection of tools, supplies, etc., for a specific purpose

In this case, the above specific purpose is… to get #StrongerATHome

We hope you all read out previous ‘Stronger At Home’ instalments, and have made a plan, and also set the scene in your home. Now it’s time to tune up and prep what you might need in your home workout kit bag.

We can all do body weight exercise, it works, we get results, BUT, adding resistance can have HUGE extra benefits.

Studies have shown that resistance training can help promote bone health, decrease pain in conditions such as osteoarthritis, low back pain and tendon pain, improve balance, improve blood circulation and many other fantastic benefits (Kristensen et al. 2012).

It has also been shown that we don’t need gym style equipment to have these benefits, with a recent study showing that low-cost resistance tubing is equally effective when compared with conventional weight machines (Lima et al. 2018) .

Below, Paul shows how simple around the house items can replace weights, and the rewards available once completed!



So… what do we need in our home work out Kit?  Simple… some heavy stuff to lift around.

In an ideal world, and where possible we aim for that ideal world, we would recommend the following.

  1. Dumbbells between 2 kg and 10 KG
  2. Kettle bell somewhere between 5-15 KG
  3. Yoga mat
  4. Resistance bands
  5. Massage ball
  6. Foam roller

Home workout equipment


Let’s say you don’t have any of these, can’t order any, don’t want to order any? No worries.Your list could look like this.

  1. Bottles of water/wine, bricks
  2. Basket filled up with heavy items or backpack
  3. Towel on the floor
  4. Old innertube from bike
  5. Tennis ball
  6. Rolled up towel


Alternative home workout equipment


See our video here as we magically turn fancy gym equipment, that you may not have, into simple around the house items.



You’ll be amazed what you can find around the house which can be used as simple resistance tools.

Now you’ve got your home workout kit set, standby for some great routines in our upcoming blog posts.

P.s.  If you’re looking for supplies, let us know. We do you have equipment available for delivery.  See our listing here from the wonderful team at Fetch.je



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