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Physio Team Trinity Countryside Clean – Eco Active update!

Physio Team Trinity Countryside Clean!😊
Part of our ongoing efforts to be an Eco Active member is to have rubbish collecting clean-up missions, last time down at the beach, this time we chose a countryside parish.

Heading into the parish of Trinity, we kitted ourselves out, prepared for what we thought was becoming a regular theme for our walks to pick wet and windy days, but to our surprise turned out to be a calm lovely afternoon!🌞

Trinity, was far from full of rubbish in the lanes and initially felt our efforts may be pointless, however closer inspection we soon started filling bags of all sorts including a pair of glasses, golf ball, and a tie!

After a couple of hours of spotting different mushroom varieties,
who knew there are so many on our island!🍄, we stopped at Bouley Bay, guess which members of the team went for a dip?…..Yes the brave ones, Alex & Fiona! Well done ladies👏🏽👙

We were pleased with our efforts and have fun whilst doing it! It just shows you it’s worth a small effort and we feel proud as a team for making Trinity and our island a little more cleaner!🌍

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