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Fiona at the Paralympics in Norway

Fiona at the beginning of 2022, headed to Lillehammer in Norway, to help support the New Zealand Paralympic athletes’ take on the World Para Snow Sports Championships!

She had an amazing time and since returning she’s reflected on how influential the experience was for her main 3 reflections from the trip were…….

💭 Keep challenging yourself to optimise performance, it was motivating to see people with reduced muscle control working so hard to maximise the function of each muscle fibre and neuron

💭 With a bit of creativity and a strong network anyone can partake and even excel in sport. Excited to see this in action when the Healing Waves-Ocean Therapy Jersey adaptive surf center is up and running

💭 If you fall down, dust the snow off and get back on it!! The resilience and robustness of these athletes to keep achieving in the face of challenges are unforgettable!


Paul completed the Sports Management course👍🏽
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