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What can I do to prevent injury on the slopes?

What can I do to prevent injury on the slopes?

Here’s some top tips on how to stay injury-free on the slopes & have an awesome ski holiday!

1) Skiers get your bindings checked regularly- remember to update your DIN settings, as you improve so your skis, stay on when you need them most, and pop off when you don’t

2) Warm-up for 5 minutes before heading on to the slopes – Click here for a handy video of some basic exercises to follow. The burpees are optional!

3) Beginner female skiers over the age of 20- reducing your suggested DIN settings by 15% can help to prevent knee injuries

4) Beginners don’t use the loops on your ski poles to avoid straining your thumb if you fall

5) If you have a history of knee complaints- wearing a knee brace underneath your salopettes can help to keep the knee stable and prevent re-injury

6) Boarders use wrist guards- they can reduce the chance of breaking your wrist by 50%

7) Wear a helmet! The evidence shows it decreases injury risk and also keeps your ears toasty on the chairlift!!

8) Take it easy on the apres-ski & don’t ski hard if you’re feeling fatigued better to have a rest/hot tub/massage in the afternoon and feel refreshed the next day!

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