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What is patellofemoral syndrome of the knees?

What is patellofemoral syndrome of the knees? 🤔
The kneecap sits in a groove in the front of the knee joint. This joint is well lined by nice smooth cartilage which allows the kneecap to glide up & down when your knee is bending.
Patellofemoral pain, otherwise known as anterior knee pain, is pain which relates to this joint.
Patella=kneecap, femoral=of the thigh bone.
This can be a difficult condition to have as while scans and x-rays all appear normal, it can have a significant effect on your daily life.
Patellofemoral pain can make squatting, standing up from a chair and going up and down stairs sore and difficult.
It can also mean your knee makes all sorts of creaking noises which can sound unpleasant.
Rest can make it feel better in the short term, but then whenever you go back to your normal activity, it comes back again which can be frustrating!
Fortunately, there is a lot we can do to help fix it.
We can help whether it is the first time you’ve had this pain or you’ve had it for 5 years and learned to live with it.
We will have a look at how you move and find any areas of weakness then develop a program which works for you.
A combination of hip and knee exercises, taping & wearing insoles can really help you to not only feel better quickly, but also help reduce pain in the long term and prevent flare-ups in the future.
Most importantly, we can help you to get back to that activity or sport you’ve been avoiding!
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